The Perks of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

iMysecy did a great job summing up why someone should hire a Virtual Assistant (VA).

The Perks of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Posted by: iMysecy | on September 9, 2013

You can do all the hard work all you want. I am sure you have to! Why not, every businessman and every entrepreneur needs to do so for the benefit of his thriving business or company. Surely, we don’t want our very own company or firm to get left behind in the competitive world of commerce. But then, let us face it. You also don’t want to do all the work now, do you? Especially if it involves every minute detail of the job – such as answering phone calls, arranging for appointments, and checking emails. You can’t just do every small and intricate detail in your job when you can actually focus your energy on the bigger concerns of your business such as how to increase your revenue or make your product or service marketable. Indeed, every business and organization aims for growth and development. But if you are the business owner or the entrepreneur, I am sure you would definitely need some of sort of help. If it would have been possible to have another extension of you, it would have been better. But no, you cannot. Thus, the better option would have to be hiring someone who can help you.

This someone wouldn’t just have to be a regular employee or a regular staff in your office. If you are keen enough, this option will not be convenient and cost-effective for you. Because of the innovation our technology now offers, there are better ways to avail of service that can aid your company and that is through outsourcing. Yes, the best alternative for you is to outsource a virtual assistant. He is also considered to be an independent contractor that can provide administrative, secretarial, content writing, marketing, retail and other related services to various clients from a home office setting. There are various benefits of hiring one.

Its benefits:
■They require no training at all

Normally when we hire people, we let them undergo training because it is the employer’s responsibility to enhance the skills of its employees. But in this case, you don’t need to because they are already equipped with the much needed expertise and skills for the job.

■Office Space is not required

When hiring an in-house employee, certain supplies and materials must be provided in order for him to work. This would mean an additional expense on your part. But this assistant has and uses his own personal supplies and equipment.

■They are hired on a per need basis only

This would be very cost-efficient for you because there are times that most businesses have seasons that have low to no work even and to maintain in house or office employees on such times are just but unnecessary expenses already.

■You are freed of employee fringe benefits and employee taxes

They are considered freelancers, thus they are not technically considered as full time employees. Being so, you, as an employer, are not required to file for their SSS benefits, tax forms, and other benefits being enjoyed by a regular employee.

■They are highly available

Unlike regular employees who only work strictly between 8 am to 5 pm, they have a more flexible work schedule. You can even discuss your preferred work schedule with them so both of you can come to a common agreement on what preferred time would he be working.