64% Of Social Media Referrals Come From LinkedIn

WHAT?! 64% of all website referrals come from LinkedIn? With all of the other social media sites out there, this fact shows how powerful LinkedIn is in the business world.

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The below article is the inspiration for this post.

64% Of Social Media Referrals Come From LinkedIn

Posted by UK Marketing Network on October 23, 2013 at 9:30

According to new research by Econsultancy, LinkedIn has become the most effective social media channel for reaching consumers and helping them discover more about a brand.

The professional social networking site represents almost two-thirds (64%) of all visits to corporate websites from social media. In comparison, Facebook accounts for 17% of all social media visits to company sites, while Twitter scored an even more modest 14%. Interestingly, referrals from Twitter are increasing, while those from Facebook are falling, the research found. The results were based on a two-year study of 60 corporate websites, with an average of two million monthly visits, Econsultancy said.

The research may be important to businesses because many of them still prefer to focus on channels like Facebook and Twitter. While these two are undoubtedly more popular among users, it appears that the users who care most about brands are on LinkedIn.

According to Econsultancy, the link between social media and a company’s corporate website is very important. One of the key reasons for that is the fact that social media conversations are often not controlled. In such cases they can be diverted to the corporate website, where the environment is more controlled.

Updating the website frequently and posting fresh content can make consumers turn to the website as a source of information, rather than relying on rumours on social sites, Econsultancy said. However, in order to achieve this, companies should help users discover their website in the first place and this is where LinkedIn has considerable power.