Tuesday Tip: Create Your Own Hashtag

Do you use hashtags with your social media posts?  Do you know how to use hashtags or what they are even for?

Hashtags help with finding topics on social media sites.  Twitter started it all, but hashtags can now be used on basically every social media site!


The best thing is, you can create your own hashtag!  It’s great for building a brand, and I do that for Clark Virtual Business Solutions by using #CVBS in my posts on Twitter.

Now, a word of caution – hashtags are widely used, so the hashtag you use for your business might be used for something else, BUT customers should still be able to find you.  Case in point, if you search my name (Ronalyn Wentz) along with #CVBS; you will find Clark Virtual Business Solutions!

Be creative and start using your own hashtag.  Let me know if you currently use a hashtag to build your brand, and if it is working for you.  I would love to hear about it.