Bring Your Dog To Work Day!

bring your dog to work day

Did you bring your dog to work today?  I always wished I could take my dog to work with me when I worked in an office.

Now, everyday is bring your dog to work day for me!  Our dog, Zed, is ALWAYS with me in the (home) office and usually his beds (yes, multiple beds) are covering the whole floor.

Here’s a picture of one day when I was watching YouTube to learn about a new software system.  He learned a lot that day and is now proficient in the software. 😉


Today is Administrative Professionals Day


Have you said, “Thank you” to your Admin today?

This unofficial holiday is near and dear to my heart because I started my career as an administrative professional (under the titles of secretary, office manager, executive assistant, administrative assistant).  I also was a Certified Professional Secretary (now known as a Certified Administrative Professional).

I hope that bosses out there realize that admins are the backbone of the office.  They keep the office running smoothly and probably take care of items that bosses have no idea they do that make the boss’s work life easier.

Don’t know the background on Administrative Professionals Day?  Check out International Association of Administrative Professionals website.