Tuesday Tip: Create Your Own Hashtag

Do you use hashtags with your social media posts?  Do you know how to use hashtags or what they are even for?

Hashtags help with finding topics on social media sites.  Twitter started it all, but hashtags can now be used on basically every social media site!


The best thing is, you can create your own hashtag!  It’s great for building a brand, and I do that for Clark Virtual Business Solutions by using #CVBS in my posts on Twitter.

Now, a word of caution – hashtags are widely used, so the hashtag you use for your business might be used for something else, BUT customers should still be able to find you.  Case in point, if you search my name (Ronalyn Wentz) along with #CVBS; you will find Clark Virtual Business Solutions!

Be creative and start using your own hashtag.  Let me know if you currently use a hashtag to build your brand, and if it is working for you.  I would love to hear about it.

Tuesday Tip: Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day

Yes, today is Earth Day, but what do you do EVERYDAY that helps the earth?

Here are some things we do here in our household and home office:

  • Use reusable grocery bags
  • Recycle everything possible
  • Donate items that are still in good condition
  • Use gray water to water the houseplants
  • Use handtowels and rags instead of papertowels when possible
  • Use cold water to wash clothes (except bedding and rags)
  • Using the 2nd side of paper in the printer (for drafts, in office items, coupons, etc.)

The end result YOU save money!  What procedures can you do to save money for your company AND save the earth?

Tuesday Tip: Linkedin Contacts

Do you use the features in LinkedIn Contacts to your advantage?

Within the last week, I went through all 400 plus contacts and tagged them.  This feature is wonderful for organizing how you know a person.  You can have up to 200 different tags (I already have over 55 tags).  At my previous position at Westfield Concession Management, I met A LOT of people – clients, vendors, and tenants.  Unfortunately, I’m not that great with names, but better with faces.  After a year away, I’m starting to forget how I know these people.  Here comes the tags to the rescue!

Tagging or Untagging Your Contacts

How do I tag or untag my contacts?

You can tag or untag anyone who’s saved in your LinkedIn Contacts. Tags are simple keywords to help organize and sort your contacts. They can be added from the Contacts page or a person’s profile.

To add or remove a tag on a profile:

  1. Go to the profile and click Relationship in the top section of the profile under the member’s photo.
  2. Click Tag.
  3. Check the box next to an existing tag or click  +Add new tag to create a new one. If you create a new tag, type in the name and click Save. To remove a tag, uncheck the box next to it.

To add or remove a tag from the Contacts page:

    • Move your cursor over Network at the top of your homepage and select Contacts.
    • Move your cursor over the contact in the list and click Tag below the contact’s information.
    • Check the box next to an existing tag or click +Add new tag to create a new one. If you create a new one, type in the name of your tag and click Save. To remove a tag, uncheck the box next to it.

The tag will be visible to you on the person’s contact information and on their profile. You can click the tag in these areas to see all other profiles with the same tag. Only you will see the tags you’ve created.

Note: You can create up to 200 new and unique tags or delete old ones.

Need even more of a reminder on how you met somone?

Check out the Relationship Section in an individual’s profile.  You can add notes, reminders and how you met and these are only visible to you!

Relationship Section of Profile – Overview

What is the Relationship section on a profile?

The Relationship section is a way to keep track of your interactions with a contact. You’ll see this section for anyone who’s saved in your LinkedIn Contacts.

    • Click Relationship when viewing a contact to see your recent communications, including emails from accounts you’ve synced.
    • You can add and review notes, reminders and a note on how you met.
    • To expand or collapse the section, click See More or See Less at the bottom of the Relationship section.
    • To fully collapse the section, click the arrow in the upper right of the section.

So, if you saw that I looked at your profile on Linkedin within the last week, that’s the story!